Mwi on a Stick

This version is only for windows.


What you get

Opensim version 0.7.5

PhpMyAdmin version 4.0.4

Mwi version 1.0.1

Apache Server

Mysql Server


The setup will run a robust instance with an single region connected to it, and Mwi to mange the grid.


Extract the the zip-file or open it and drag the mwi-opensim folder to your flash driver or wherever you like in your computer. Uncompressed, the whole installation requires just about 325MB. You’ll need more space for data and assets as you start to use it.

To start the whole thing, go into the folder, and start mowes.exe. Then run opensim.bat. It will startup a robust instance and a single region instance. To shutdown the region and robust you can use the usual quit command in the terminal.

When setting up the viewer your grid login uri will be

Please read the passwords.txt file to get all the usernames and passwords that you will need to login. I will paste here for your convinience.


Viewer Login URI:

Viewer Username: Mr Myopengrid

Viewer Password: opensim


Mwi address:

Mwi Administration:



Password: opensim


Both robust and region use the same user to connect to the database

Mysql Opensim user: opensim

Mysql Opensim password: opensim

Robust (grid) database name: robust

Region database name: region

Database PMA

PMA address:

Mysql admin user: root (no password)



Please report any issues that you may find. The reports help me identify issues
that I am unware of and I will be able to fix them quickly.

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